November 2015

In the midst of an extremely busy year, I somehow managed to submit to the wonderful people at AntiTHESIS, and I’m so pleased I did. Not only did they publish me but they turned out to be one of the best editorial teams I’ve worked with. An especially friendly wave goes out to Rochelle Liu. Love your work!

June 2015

For the mid-year, I’m surprised to find myself feeling quite elated. I’m putting this down to my recent news and latest up-and-coming publication in Westerly. For a long time I’ve been trying to squeeze in a quasi literary career alongside my life as a carer, mother, and student, and it hasn’t always been successful. In fact, there have been moments where complete disillusionment has set in. Westerly have been on my list of dream journals for a while now, so to have a short story meet their standards is pretty pretty amazing.

March 2015

Here is my list of the ten books I’ve committed to read as part of my pledge to the Australian Women Writers Challenge *. Some of these are leftover from my ‘to read’ list from last year, and I assume this will only be a small portion of the female writers I’ll read this year, but I wanted to put in writing my intentions.

The Night Guest, Fiona McFarlane
Laurinda, Alice Pung
Find Me, Laura van den Berg
Ruby, Cynthia Bond
Springtime, Michelle De Kretser
This House of Grief, Helen Garner
The Dangerous Bride, Lee Kofman
Mr Wigg, Inga Simpson
Heat and Light, Ellen van Neerven
The Luminaries, Eleanor Catton

* As part of this pledge, six of these books will be reviewed on my blog in one way or another before the year is out.

February 2015

Today the wonderful people behind Tincture Journal have published me in their ninth issue. Tincture Journal is a particularly interesting publication, as it’s solely an ebook literary journal. I guess this blog space, this publication, given my previous aversion to anything but print, is me moving with the times.

January 2015

I’m very excited to announce that an excerpt from my novel ‘Somerton’ has been published in The Victorian Writer: Jan-Feb 2015|Fiction edition.

You can purchase a copy here and find it on page 22 … with horses.


I’ve also decided to take part in the Australian Women Writers Challenge.

I’ve pledged a ‘Franklin’, so keep an eye out for future reviews.