Since March

It’s been a long night here. Boiling. My computer is in and out of action (sometimes it goes, sometimes it doesn’t) for the second week in a row, making this decidedly harder to post. I’m waiting to hear back from my university administration about my enrolment, but I’m not sure anyone is at the university. Oh and my son is due to be immunised today, something that I’m sure will bring another long night. I’d say I pick my days but most days are like this here. It’s living.

As you can see, this is the first post I’ve made since March last year. If you want to know what I’ve been doing for the past nine months (well, six months of it anyhow), it’s this:

The mouse was determined not to have a literary birthday (almost a Bloomsday baby but alas!)

I’ll explain this hiatus further as the blog moves forward, though part of me feels I shouldn’t need to explain a self imposed maternity leave. Prior to this it was my last three months of pregnancy, fraught with health problems. But at least I looked great, right? (I didn’t.)

Interestingly, I’ve made my return to work coincide with the New Year. (It happened this way rather than being in any way by design, so I’m going to run with it.) My goals for this year are of the generic variety: to write more, submit more, and continue working on my novel. I also want to return to uni at some point and take a few sociology classes, be good to my family, and teach my eldest ukulele. This last goal isn’t exactly true (my eldest can already play an instrument or two) but check out your “Stars” over at Verity La.